Yes, I believe in Soulmates

I have something to tell you – and I hope you don’t think I’m a sappy romantic kind of gal…

I believe in Soulmates.

Yeah, that person you were meant to be with.

The person that fits you so well that you realize that all your past relationships were just stepping stones to HIM…

I want to reveal a shocking truth about men to you:

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Yes, I know – it sounds incredible, but it’s true. AND I’m living proof.

I told my sister about this, and she said: “Baloney…” (Only she used another word)

“But…” I asked her, “What if??”

“WHAT IF the guy YOU always wanted believed the same thing?”

And then she was suddenly very quiet.

It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, really.

If HE does.

I’ve asked you already, but I have to ask again…

Do YOU believe?

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Perfect passion is worth it…

Besides, what if your man believed in it and you didn’t know?